Research Ethics Policy

For building a good scientific network it is crucial to ensure that the published work is in compliance with the research ethics. The authors should consider the following points while submitting a manuscript:

  • All authors should have a significant contribution to the research work.
  • The authors should ensure the originality of the research work. It should not be plagiarized and properly quoted or cited for other authors’ work.
  • The editor may ask the author to provide the raw data and make it publicly available.
  • The author should not submit the same research in more than one Journal.
  • There should be no conflict of interest between the authors and any other institution.
  • The author should enlist the limitations in the scientific work that may be misleading or introduce a bias.
  • Studies having human subjects should have written informed consent.
  • The studies should state the use of hazardous materials and procedures and the involvement of human or animal subjects.